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He was a curious man to say the very least. At the age of twenty-five, he was in the prime stage of his life to be settling down and starting a family, proper. Instead of taking the opportunity to seek out a partner like most other men had, this one spent every waking moment pouring through enormous tomes of the macabre variety, furiously scrawling notes into an ancient journal that was withering from overuse. Faustus or "Cemetary," one of many pseudonyms he'd assigned to himself, preferred to remain hunched over a splintering desk in a dimly lit room to absorb any and all knowledge of the occult that text could offer him, existing on a meager diet of stale bread and tainted water.

Being such a recluse had robbed him of his chance to find a suitable female to take as his bride, a lack of sunshine having stolen the youthful glow from his skin to leave behind a sallow and sickly form. A once moderately attractive individual, malnourishment sculpted an angular body and the features of a gaunt face; the only telltale sign that this poor soul wasn't already a corpse were the brilliant teal eyes that burned passionately behind long black hair swept over his forehead. His signature piece of clothing was a tattered muffler robe in monochrome shades, the only garment in his wardrobe to keep him decent in the midst of his solitude.

The days were long and the nights even longer, spent tossing and turning on a worn mattress of crude cloth and leaves. So severely potion poisoned from the multiple stamina-restoring concoctions that he'd downed during his waking hours to keep him conscious and further fuel his addiction, Cemetary was bound to merciless fever dreams in which he was forever punished by the scantily-clad temptresses that resided in the depths of Rabbie dungeon. An overactive imagination from his profuse intake of knowledge would prove to be his undoing when he awoke one morning with the desire to have an encounter with one of these Fomors.

A particularly large book was cracked to lay open-faced before him, detailing the habits of the Succubi which he glued himself to for hours on end, thumbing through numerous chapters until he found one that was titled "TAMING." Further reading would prompt him to compose a letter to the only contact he had with the outside world, an old childhood friend that led a nobler life than he, a warrior's life that was both rich and fulfilling. For the first time in nearly seven months, he would venture outside of his decrepit shack to make his way down the winding path that placed him before Tir Chonaill bank. As he deposited the envelope into the slot of the mailbox, he took a moment to glance about the thriving pastoral town until the anxiety of being so far from his precious library became too much to bear, causing him to hobble home with his breath caught in his throat from the overwhelming sensation. Death was upon him, though when and how he was to die would remain a mystery.

When his companion's response had arrived, enclosed was the very object he had requested along with the particular answer he'd expected. For the first time in quite a long time he was given something to look forward to and for once in what seemed to be ages it wasn't so terrifying to be outside amongst the living. Clutching the peculiar wooden rod tightly in his right hand as he made his way past the graveyard and to his haphazardly built home, a rogue white spider that had strayed onto the road would be deemed his first experiment. Approaching it with caution, a few quick strikes with the wooden cane would bring the thing to its figurative knees before Cemetary tossed it some scraps of old bread from his pocket to begin the charming process. His bond with the spider had proved successful and the creature scrambled obediently to his side, inflating his confidence even more than before.

Over the following month he'd raised his success rate to be sufficient enough to help him carry out the dangerous process, several more spiders and even larger rats that were much stronger than he having lent him the experience to progress. When he was finally ready, he sent for his powerful friend to aid him in this final quest that would surely quench his thirst for such dark knowledge, documenting his entire journey in the ruffled pages of his tattered journal. Very few days would pass before Cemetary's soldier comrade heeded his final call, arriving at his front door on horseback with supplies for their mission.

"Leo... You've come," Cemetary mused softly. "I would like to thank you for everything you've ever done for me. You are my oldest and dearest friend and I thank you for that."

"Faustus, are you certain that you're up to such a task? You don't appear to be as well as I thought you were," Leo placed his hand upon Cemetary's shoulder, a brooding look in his dark eyes. "I feel as if I am sealing your fate by taking you to this place and since you are also my oldest and dearest friend, I am not sure I am as enthusiastic as you."

"Please trust my judgement, I have made my decision and I would appreciate your assistance with this," Cemetary replied, drawing their short conversation to a close.

While Leo was left to feed the horse and make any final preparations, Cemetary took a few hours to put his affairs in order. Removing his robe to clean it of any dirt or dust, he'd bathe in the nearby stream to refresh himself for the vixen he would come face-to-face with soon enough. Once he and his garment were both dry, he straightened a few of the books upon his desk while reflecting on his bizarre way of life. Only his beloved diary that chronicled his studies and inwardly tortured mind was set aside, lifted from the gnarled wood along with the taming cane when the time came to begin their quest. The expedition to Rabbie dungeon was brief, though it required many stops for someone as frail as Cemetary. However, despite the time taken to allow him to recuperate, they reached the wide-mouthed stone structure that lay East of Dunbarton castle within the day.

The Shire's hoof prints thudded ominously against the granite floor, reverberating off of the lobby's walls and ceasing once the great beast came to stand upon the kneeling goddess's altar. Leo dropped an advanced pass for two, transporting the pair to a dungeon that was filled with gruesome creatures full of malice and hate, though none stood a chance against a powerful combatant such as he. Cemetary remained upon the Shire's back for the duration of the battles from room-to-room, dismounting only for rest and the treatment of Leo's wounds. Their travel spanned an entire day before they cleared the final area leading to the boss room, where Leo paused to recover and Cemetary slid from the tanned saddle to take the horn-tipped key in both hands. This was the moment he had been dreaming of for so long, his wildest dreams were destined to come true.

Cemetary removed a quill and ink bottle from a pouch around the enormous draft horse's neck and took a seat beside his guardian to document everything thus far, replacing the articles once finished. Readying himself for the battle to come, he tucked his journal into the folds of his robe and brandished his cane while Leo hoisted himself back up. Moving forth to slide the jagged red key into the lock, Cemetary would leer into the dark arena to locate the two Succubi that stood amongst the lesser Fomors, studying the face of the one in yellow first with mild disinterest. The Succubus in the black was the one that stole his resolve. For a brief moment, he felt his energy ebbing away as he watched her cross the threshold in towering stiletto heels, hardly able to make the call that would spare her from Leo's fury.

"I..." Cemetary trailed off.

"Which?" Leo questioned, raising his broadsword.

"Black..." Cemetary murmured breathlessly.

In an instant the skeleton creatures around them were slain, leaving the two humanoid females alone and without obstruction. Leo delivered a devastating blow to the yellow Succubus who only wielded a lute and was much weaker than her counterpart, watching her crumple to the ground. The fighter turned in an instant upon the other who stood stunned that her sister had dissolved so quickly, forcing her into a deadly state within mere minutes. When the time came for Cemetary to step in, a bit of the strongest bait was tossed her way during the attempt to seduce her, which failed and only resulted in aggression towards her new target. Charging a single bolt of lightning, the aggrovated black Succubus cast it in Cemetary's direction with success before she was apprehended by Leo who dropped his weapon to seize her by the arms.

Cemetary fell to his knees as the voltage coursed through his body, altering the rhythm of his heart and weakening him considerably more than he already was. Straightening back up with a feeble moan, one more piece of bait was tossed to her and by some miraculous chance, a connection was created that bound the beautiful monster to him. He was panting softly as he witnessed her behavior change, smiling to the best of his ability when she stopped fluttering against his larger companion like a caged bird. Once Leo released her, Cemetary neared the other man to bid him farewell for both knew it would be the final time they would see eachother. Rabbie dungeon had become Cemetary's tomb for certain.

At last he was alone with the libidinous demon that he had sought after. He was drawn to her with an animalistic lust that surpassed his physical limitations, causing him to desperately tug at her scandalous battle costume. The cues he'd given her were enough to coax her into removing everything but her boots, he'd shed his clothing for their coupling as well, signaling the start of his demise. The encounter was abrupt and as they committed the act, she steadily drained him of all the strength he had, easing the worldly pain that plagued him with a feeling of sheer bliss like a powerful sedative to make the transition into death a smooth one. While under the influence of his magic, she slid her fingers almost lovingly through his hair to imitate the gesture of a genuine emotion that he had never known.

He'd draw his last breath when the pair reached their climax, the hex on him worked like a fast-acting venom from a viper. In an instant he was gone, no movement from within his chest to support the remainder of his organs in their functions, though happiness and satisfaction mingled in the expression written across his face. The Succubus rose to her feet after rolling his weight off of her, staring blankly down at the young man's body. Her state was remedied once the spell begun to wear off, and she examined the situation with a deep frown as she plucked up her clothes from the dungeon floor. Rooting through his robe at last for any identification as to who the male was, both the journal and taming cane would be discovered to satiate her curiosity, those items added to the clothing that was draped over her arm for further inspection.

She knelt beside Cemetary one last time, reaching out to tug his robe over his nude form out of respect, pressing a small kiss to one of his still-warm cheeks. With a snap of her fingers she was gone, disappearing into thin air to leave her deceased lover behind.


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